Threat Intelligence for Digital Risk Protection

Threat Intelligence for Digital Risk Protection
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Threat Intelligence for Digital Risk Protection



threat intelligence can help detect and remediate Digital Risk. This scenario spans the org chart, but still needs to be approached in a systematic, methodical way.

Digital risk come in many forms, as we discuss below. But the common denominator is the fact that most cyberattacks leave traces on the web. By finding those traces, threat intelligence gathering processes can pinpoint and remediate the most serious digital risks.


Being Online Is Being at Digital risk

These days, any business or individual wishing to make an impact must have a strong online presence. Aspiring artists, shrewd politicians, huge corporations, and start-ups alike


Online engagement with your audience brings unwanted attention from threat actors of all sorts: financially motivated cybercriminals, competitors trying to obtain your secrets, and hacktivists who want to undermine your efforts. Some of them will succeed in capturing proprietary information.

To use in phishing attacks or by disseminating false information in your name. Before we explore how threat intelligence can help thwart these threat actors, let’s review some types of digital risk and the traces they leave on the web.


Types of Digital Risk

Digital risk falls into several categories. The most important are cyberattacks leading to the theft and disclosure of data, risks created by issues in the supply chain, risk related to actions by employees, and brand impersonation. These risks are summarized in Figure 10-1.


Creating Malware Part 1

Hacking Software

Introduction to Hunting Bugs


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