Malware Analysis Tools

Malware Analysis Tools
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Malware Analysis Tools



In this article, we will look at five Malware Analysis tools, the goal of these tools is to analyze malware targeting smart device users and provide proactive defense programs.


1 – Process Hacker

A powerful free multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, correct software and detect malware, Also, this tool helps you to read the processes related to ransomware as well as a help file for help with the decryption process. The tool also enables us to identify malware IP address.

Malware Analysis Tools

2 – Process Monitor

This tool enables you to create a filter mode when browsing malware using Process Monitor, also this tool enables us to define all the newly created processes as well as all command line arguments for those processes.


3 – CaptureBat

An easy-to-use tool that helps you learn about malicious files as well as monitor the network used, an easy-to-use tool that can also capture all newly created and modified files on disk.


4 – Microsoft Network Monitor

The beauty of this tool is that it can determine the process that establishes connections with remote hosts remotely, all you have to do when downloading the tool is to run it with Root privileges to be able to use it well.


5 – Autoruns

This tool enables you to deal with programs that run on your device and programs that work to boot with the start of the operation of Windows not only this, but the tool works to show all the hidden services on your device that work when the device boots, you can also identify the percentage of resource consumption by services That work on your device and monitor it.


Malware Analysis Tools


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