Malicious links Facebook – Part 2

Malicious links Facebook – Part 2
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Malicious links Facebook – Part 2


In the previous article ( Malicious links Facebook – Part 1 ) we mentioned two old types of ways and ways to spread malicious links and pornography to user accounts on social networking sites and they are catching likes (LikeJacking) and Facebook applications.

However, these two types are very old. In the next year, other methods and methods have emerged that exploit users on social media in order to publish links and comment on posts without their knowledge of this.

Now let’s start with a new one of these types.

The third type:

Many of us have noticed over the past year 2014 the appearance of links, posts and comments in the names of friends and acquaintances claiming that you can know who visits your personal account and give you a report on the number of visits of each person.

When you click on these posts, you are directed to a page that asks you to install an add-on on Google Chrome, this add-on has been identified as a malicious file that installs itself on the victim’s machine and is used to spy on the browser and on the user’s device.


Malicious links Facebook – Part 2


Malicious links Facebook – Part 1

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