Methods of Hacking Mobile Phones

Methods of Hacking Mobile Phones
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Methods of Hacking Mobile Phones


Our topic today will be about some Methods of Hacking Mobile Phones to which mobile phone users are exposed via SMS and messages from programs and applications for quick messaging such as: WhatsApp and others.

Many friends send me some cases that happened to him personally on his mobile phone, such as receiving a message telling him that he won a prize is a modern car and he must call the existing number or a contact is sent in order to add it on his device using WhatsApp and others and Which is usually accompanied by a picture of a girl, and many other inquiries.

So today, I will answer these inquiries after my research and analysis on the Internet in addition to some cases that I have seen and analyzed myself, in addition to mentioning other serious cases that almost one of the security researchers came from among my friends who I know.

As I mentioned, there are many ways to cheat via mobile phone, including:

First case Hacking Mobile Phones:

Sometimes it comes to friends on WhatsApp and other applications a message from a strange number, the state key for this number is 91 and returns to India (except that messages can be received from other countries such as North and South Korea and others).

The message contains contact information for a girl, when added to the contacts on your device it appears that the state key for this entity belongs to African countries such as Somalia, Ghana, Nigeria and others.

I found after searching that after contacting any of these numbers that belong to African countries (mostly), a large amount of between 15 to 25 dollars per minute will be deducted from your balance or added to your own bill. It is what confirms that the purpose of such messages is to exploit and deceive you to get money.

After research and inquiry, he found the following:

When calling international, there are some operators (for convenience, we will name the operator from which the individual calls the calling operator, and we will call the operator receiving the call the receiving operator) The incoming operator determines the cost of incoming calls to his numbers. the future.


Normally, there will be calls from both operators so each will be entitled to a share, and each time a clearing is made between them and the difference is transferred from one to the other. Some companies go to poor or sparsely populated countries and buy their international key from them and impose very high international reception fees (20 dollars for example) and then they either use fraudulent methods (missed call from you, fake advertising campaigns, a program that calls from your mobile) or legitimate methods Legally (marketing a competition like MBC’s dream competition) by encouraging people from other countries to call the numbers for this country and the company is satisfied with its share of the cost of reception.

Examples of these fraudulent messages are the so-called 809 Scam, which is a form of mobile fraud in both America and Canada, where the numbers from which these messages arrive arrive with the number 1, which deceives users as a number from North America (Canada and the states) United States of America), but in reality they are numbers in regions and countries located in the Caribbean Sea.

In short, the aim of this type of message is to delude you into calling these numbers to deduct a large amount of your balance.

Note: I thank a visitor to the site, who is considered a specialist in the field of communication, where after a discussion with him as he was not convinced about this matter, he was satisfied with it and provided me with links to such matters that enriched the article.

The second case Hacking Mobile Phones:

The same previous method is used by sending a message congratulating the owner of the number that he has won a car, house or any other valuable prize, and to find out how to get it he must call the number in this message, which is also a number for an African country.

The third case Hacking Mobile Phones:

Sometimes you receive on the instant messaging programs such as WhatsApp a message whose content is the same as the content of the second case, it tells you that you have won a valuable prize and to get it you should call the number attached to the message which is also a number from African countries.

The method of exploitation and deception in the second and third methods is the same as the method used in the first. It aims to deduct large sums of money from your balance without your knowledge.

Fourth case Hacking Mobile Phones:

This case has happened to a friend of the well-known security researchers, as he received several short messages (SMS) on his mobile phone, the messages were from a contact with the name of the bank that this friend deals with, and they told him in the beginning that his ATM card would expire after a short period He must send the card information to a specific number.

The friend says in the post that he published for the benefit to prevail that he would almost fall into this trap had it not been for him to renew the card shortly before receiving this message.

It is known that there are SMS messages arriving on your phone in the name of a specific party and not with a number and this service by default is provided to large institutions such as banks and others by the communication companies in your country, but unfortunately, many sites that provide services to send short messages Through the Internet, it allows the sending person to specify the name by which he or she wants to send the message.

It seems that the sender was aware that my friend is a customer of this bank and also aware that the short messages that reach the customers of this bank arrive in a specific name, so he used the social engineering method to send the message to my friend hoping that data will be sent to this number.


Of course, this method can be exploited by other methods such as phishing, such as sending an imaginary link as a link to the bank and you are asked to enter personal data such as passwords and others on this link.

Fifth method Hacking Mobile Phones:

Today, messages have arrived on WhatsApp, a message stating that you are one step away from winning an iPhone and asking you to click on the link in the message.

I asked a friend to send the link that he connected and sent it to me, after visiting the link and analyzing it and making sure that it is free of any malicious javascript codes that the hacker can control your device. I doubted the subject, so I went down to the bottom of the link to find the text as shown in the following image:

As it is clear, once you enter your mobile phone number, you will automatically subscribe to this service, which will cost you the twenty one piaster message.

The previous five methods are some of the most prominent ways, as its goal is to deceive you and use you to get money, but these methods can be used and used for greater and more dangerous ends and this is what we will explain and clarify now.

Where any hacker can create malicious programs designed to spy on any of his victims that are infected with these programs, where the fake program is created and it can be combined with other programs and send the download link (which is from outside the official store such as Google Play) As a program that does something or a specific service, either through a short message or via SMS, and often links are shortened by using various shortcut services such as and others.

When you visit the link, you will find a message informing you that the malicious application must be downloaded, as it performs a specific operation for you or provides a service. Once you install the program on your mobile device, this program will communicate with a special program for the hacker and the hacker can then perform any work on your mobile device from reading messages, spying on WhatsApp, pulling your files to his personal device, taking pictures with the camera and many many more , And this is what I will explain during a number of videos that aim to educate you about this type of program. These videos, which I will publish sequentially soon, will show you what a hacker can do on your device.

After we were exposed to this type of exploitation. What are the tips and methods that can protect you as a mobile phone user from hacking and exploitation ??

First: You need to know that personal awareness and not being drawn into rumors and hoaxes is the most important type of protection and is stronger than anti-virus programs and malicious files.

Second: Do not download any program from outside the official store of the operating system (although there are some applications that are discovered in the Google store in every period and that contain malicious programs) … So do not download any application unless it is an application A well-known site or service.

Third: Try to ask and inquire from specialists if you received such messages and have suspected that they are a hoax or try to search on Google search engine.


Methods of Hacking Mobile Phones



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