Awesome Android Application Security

Awesome Android Application Security
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Awesome Android Application Security


This is a article of the sources and security android tools of Awesome Android Application Security that help with penetration testing of Android applications and security research.


This writing is a step to provide good quality content on various topics in Android Application Security. The content is updated from time to time to ensure the quality of the sources and the latest updates related to the security of Android applications.

AVC UnDroid:

AVC UnDroid is a free online service of AV-Comparatives that provides a static analysis of Android apps.


Appknox is the worlds most powerful plug and play security platform which helps Developers, Security Researchers and Enterprises to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus human approach to outsmart smartest hackers.


Analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware, automatically share them with the security community

Fraunhofer App-ray

Automated mobile application security testing identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, comply with regulations whether you are developer, CISO, CEO.


Mobile apps are a necessary component of today’s communications. To operate effectively in the mobile environment, organizations are being called on to visualize, integrate, and leverage disparate information sources to dramatically extend their performance, efficiency, and reach. Users are eager to adopt these new tools anywhere, in the office and on the move. Mobile apps—whether built in-house or purchased from the outside—must be secure for both users and organizations.

NowSecure Lab Automated

Enterprise tool for mobile app security testing both Android and iOS mobile apps. Lab Automated features dynamic and static analysis on real devices in the cloud to return results in minutes. Not free


Free Android Malware Analysis Service. A baremetal service features static and dynamic analysis for Android applications. A product of MalwarePot.

Static Analysis Tools



Androwarn is a tool whose main aim is to detect and warn the user about potential malicious behaviours developped by an Android application.



ApkAnalyser is a static, virtual analysis tool for examining and validating the development work of your Android app. It’s a complete tool chain which supports modification of the binary application with more printouts. You are then able to repack, install, run and verify the result from logcat. ApkAnalyser also supports resource analysis, and you can decode XML, look up resource references and detect potential issues in your app.


APKinspector is a powerful GUI tool for analysts to analyze the Android applications
Droid Intent Data Flow Analysis for Information Leakage

DidFail uses static analysis to detect potential leaks of sensitive information within a set of Android apps



FlowDroid is a context-, flow-, field-, object-sensitive and lifecycle-aware static taint analysis tool for Android applications. Unlike many other static-analysis approaches for Android we aim for an analysis with very high recall and precision. To achieve this goal we had to accomplish two main challenges: To increase precision we needed to build an analysis that is context-, flow-, field- and object-sensitive; to increase recall we had to create a complete model of Android’s app lifecycle.


Android Decompiler

Reverse Engineering for Professionals. Decompile and debug binary code. Break down and analyze document files.

Android Dalvik, MIPS, ARM, Intel x86, WebAssembly & Ethereum Decompilers.

>> JEB Pro & JEB Android

>> JEB Home Edition x86



I'm a Computer Engineer Information Technology fields, specially in Info-sec field. Also, i'm freelance instructor in Ethical Hacking, Secure Web Development, Penetration Testing and Security Awareness. I have the following certificates : CEH, CHFI, ECSA, LPT Master, & ISO 27001 LI.

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