Android applications for penetration testing

Android applications for penetration testing
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Android applications for Penetration Testing


In this article we will look at some Android apps for Penetration Testing

1- Androwarn scans and detects harmful files in Android applications.

2- Androl4b tool is reverse engineering applications with virtual device installed to analyze applications.

3- Mobile-Security-Framework MobSF This tool is used to analyze the API for open source applications and to detect vulnerabilities in them.

4- Vezir Project is a bogus system for penetration testing and analysis of malware and malware applications that hack phones.

5- MARA Tool If you are interested in the field of reverse engineering this tool will do the job through the tasks that you perform.

6- FSquaDRA tool This tool scans Android apps and detects harmful packages on the phone by reading the app’s algorithm.

7- CFGScanDroid tool The role of this tool is to check (CFG) signatures of open source applications and it also detects malicious applications inside devices.

8- RiskInDroid tool The role of this tool is to examine the permissions of applications within the device and also to detect applications with sensitive powers that threaten the integrity of devices.


Android applications for Penetration Testing


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